Core Belief:

* Any child can succeed, given the help of a competent tutor.


1. To increase the percentage of students whose reading and math are on or above grade-level by the end of the third grade.

2. To use after-school time to master content presented in the school day.

3. To increase the percentage of students who enjoy reading while in the early grades.

4. To increase the percentage of students who graduate from high school.

5. To keep the students safe, in an on-site after-school program.

6. To increase the percentage of students who experinece the pride of doing well in school.

Best Practices (Program Design):

1. Correcting academic deficits is most effective in the earliest years of schooling.

2. Helping children catch up or stay up with their peers academically is the best drop-out prevention.

3. Having as a coach in the tutoring sessions a teacher from the grade of the majority of the tutored students is essential for an effective program.

4. Having as a second coach another teacher from the grade level of the majority of the tutors increases the tutor's performance and growth.

5. Receiving tutoring from older students keeps younger students looking forward to tutoring and willing to work hard to show off what they can do.

6. Using older students as tutors expands the amount of individual and small-group assistance available to students.

7. Training the tutors well raises the success of both tutor and student.

8. Frequently asking "Who worked out how to do this word or problem?" addresses the biggest failing of tutors, showing the child instead of allowing them to work it out.

9. Ongoing tutor training and coaching during tutoring sessions improves tutoring.

10. Frequent site visits and coaching the coaches is essential to keep quality and focus high.

11. The tutors benefit from the tutoring/study skills training and from the experience of helping others.

12. In K-8 schools, upper grade students tutoring lower grade students improves school climate.

13. Encouraging principal and teachers to use and take ownership of North Star leads to increased student growth.

14. Delivering tutoring for the full year prevents children from falling behind and losing interest.