Our Creative Team

Donna has 22 years experience as Executive Director of non-profit organizations, including the NWCBS, Skinner Community School and the NW Family Assistance Center dba Ellen Torres Bienvenidos Food Bank. With strengths in fund-raising, program expansion, and volunteer enhancement, Donna has grown each organization to better serve its clients.

Donna's experience in administration and governance, combined with a broad network within the community help to highlight the work of the Coalition and to expand the reach of our programs. She is a former elementary teacher who has used her organizational skills to gather resources to increase academic achievements of our precious children.

For the past 3 years, Donna has concentrated on assisting in program management and handling fiscal responsibilities of the Coalition, including invoices, payroll, insurance, donor campaigns, grant expenditures, financial reports, budget analysis and projections.

Donna is committed to working with staff, volunteers, teachers, principals and the community, to further the reach of Coalition programs and to ensure that every child has the opportunity for academic success.

Dr. Krug implements and monitors the North Star Tutor/Mentor Program and Study Skills Training. He continues to update the tutoring programs so that the fifth grade through high school students who serve as the tutors achieve the maximum growth for the tutored elementary students. He served as Executive Director of the Coalition for 4 years as well as Program Director, and is now focusing full-time on programming.

He gained valuable experience creating and administering DPS Learn & Earn Program in 1998-2000. He organized donors and trained middle school students to refurbish, learn and earn the computers. While this program was evolving as Learn and Earn, over 350 students and 115 parents earned computers.

Dell Computers took over the program in 2000, renamed it Dell TechKnow, and expanded it to over 60 school districts in the US and Canada. Through this program over 25,000 students have learned and earned computers since 1998!

Dr. Krug's 20 years as a research scientist collecting and analyzing data has given him skills to help improve our services. His analysis of data for the North Star Program led to the implementation of a specific training package and more intense training of tutors. He has used extensive best practice research to refine the tutoring program and increase student success for both for tutors and students in the North Star Program.