Our tutoring model

The North Star Tutoring Program is a teacher-supervised cross-age tutoring model.
One elementary grade teacher recruits and supervises the tutored children. He/she also directs the tutors to address the specific needs of each child as they are discovered during the daytime classes.
Tutors tutor at anywhere from a one-to-one ratio to a maximum of one-to-three ratio.
The teachers adjust the tutor-to-student ratios based on individual student needs and the tutor's skills.
Each tutor also maintains a folder on their students to track their needs and progress.
An upper grade teacher recruits, helps train, supervises and coaches the upper grade students as tutors.
This after-school tutoring in elementary grade classroom focuses on practicing after-school those lessons and materials presented earlier in the day or week. The teachers can get the individualized help to the children that they would not get otherwise. the focus is on reading, math and homework. We include homework because that is where reading and math concepts are assigned for practice.