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Your Single Donation Buys:

$40 pays 1 middle school tutor for a month (8 sessions!)

$100 pays for the tutoring of two children for 20 hours.

$250 pays one tutor for the whole year, all 50 sessions!

$402 supports 1 child being tutored the whole school year,
includes teacher supervision.

$6,115 buys a year’s (50 hours) tutoring for 30 children, complete.

Your Monthly Donation Buys:

$10 pays for one tutor for one week, two hours of tutoring for two children.

$40 pays one tutor for one month, 8 hours of tutoring for two children.

$100 pays for 8 sessions of tutoring for 5 children for a month.

$578 sponsors 1 month at 1 school, 8 sessions for 30 childre