Kevin Slevin, Chair
Analyst, Colorado Department of Health

Dustin Tidwell, Immediate Past Chair
Partner/Financial Advisor
Latiitude Financial Group

Robert Swift, Past Chair
Senior Vice President, Trust Officer,
Colorado State Bank and Trust

Artis Selby-Jacobsen, Secretary
Elementary Teacher, Brighton School District

T. Michael Doyle, Treasurer
Retired Business Manager, West Highlands resident

Claudia Hernandez-Ponce
North High School Graduate, former North Star tutor
Assistant Director of Admission
Group Visit Coordinator
Office of Undergraduate Admission
University of Denver Outreach

Dorolyn Griebenaw
District School Improvement and Accountability Council

Katie Doyle
Retired Teacher, West Highlands resident

Jonathan Lucero
Attorney at Law

Richard Luna
Fenice Partners, Luna Investments

Nancee Braan
Community Activist
Dustin Tidwell
Artis Selby-Jacobsen