About us
Targeting Literacy and Graduation Rate in Denver Schools
Older Children Tutor Younger Children
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The NW Coalition for Better Schools is a nonprofit working to improve literacy and raise overall graduation rates in the schools and community of Denver Colorado. We use three methods to accomplish this goal:
First, we encourage literacy via the North Star Tutor/Mentor program, which uses upper grade students to tutor first, second and third graders, helping them develop confidence and academic success.
Second, we provide training to tutors, parents, organizations, and the general public on how they can more effectively help the young learn and master the skills necessary for literacy.
Train Tutors, Parents, other Organization Staff as Tutors
Third, we actively partner with other organizations to help connect our students with support agencies and opportunities for self-advancement. With some organizations, we train the adults to deliver our tutor training package, and they implement the program at their site with their funds. This is possible because our tutor training package is self-paced and fully written out.
Connect our Tutors With other Organizations for Additional Support
Over the past 22 years the North Star Tutor/Mentor Program has directly helped over 6,000 elementary students improve literacy skills.

More than 2,100 middle and high school students have developed responsibility as tutor/mentors in this after school program.

Thousands Helped over 22 Years