SES Supplemental Educational Services
Develop the desire to come to tutoring.
Work on the student's needs that are identified by the classroom teacher.
Work on current classroom assignments.
Our approach to SES tutoring:

Our approach is to work in association with your classroom teachers to intentionaly address the needs identified by the child's classroom teachers.
It is important that the child understands and accomplishes the current classroom assignments. This keeps the child caught up on the regular classroom activities so he/she can develop the confidence to participate in class and not look poor in the eyes of his/her classmates.

Difficulties with the classroom assignments often reveal areas or details not understood by the child. While formal tests can reveal some areas needing support, formal tests have a narrow focus. Individually working with the child on the frequent classroom assignments uncovers many more needs of the whole child, including background information and earlier missed skills, opening them up for remedy.
It is important that the child remains motivated to achieve. This is an aspect produced when the child works with an older child. While the communication is more open between the two children, the tutored child has a strong desire to show what they can do and look good in the eyes of the older child. This consistantly has led to children wanting to come to the tutoring sessions, and makes working on homework and reading fun.
Changing attitudes about themselves and their possibilities.
A child's self image has a dramatic on their success in school and life. Our program works to achieve a sense of competence in the daily classroom activities while catching the child up on skills and knowledge missed earlier.
Understanding and practice are the keys to growth.
The two key parts of success in any skill, from reading to basketball, are understanding and coached practice. A person, adult or child will often think they understand something, but only when they attempt to apply that knowledge do they discover if they really do understand it.